Fabulous 5 Under $5♥

2016-03-10 17.30.38

Are you ready for spring?!


It is my absolute favorite season. Around this time of year I get an itch to try bunch of new things and reinvent myself. Maybe it’s because I can feel the renewing of the earth, a bunch of flowers blooming, blades of green grass peeking through sheets of ice and dew, and every creature slowly coming out of their cozy homes to say hello once more.

I also get the urge to shop.

…and I mean shop.


Alas, I do not have Blair Waldorf cash disposable income, so a few cheap thrills are perfect for me!

1.Wet and Wild Blush in Pearlescent Pink $2.99


Love, Love, Love this color!

I was able to swipe the very last one at my local drug store! Score!

This blush is very similar to NARS “Orgasm” but for 90% less.

It is very nicely milled, very smooth application, very bendable, highly pigmented, and I have had no issues with it fading or patching throughout day. It is a pinky-coral with subtle shimmer, and it gives a very nice glow to the cheeks.

Here is a swatch:


This was just a quick swipe with my finger over the blush, and as you can see, the color is very pigmented!

For only $2.99?! It’s a keeper!

2.e.l.f Zit Zapper $2.00


This product is the definition of “bang for your buck,” (two bucks to be exact!)

I think this may actually be one of my best holy grail products of all time.

I have used it without fail when one of those evil “time of the month” flair up’s erupt onto my face. The blend of  salicylic acid, tea tree oil, and witch hazel kicks out the unwanted blemishes overnight. The roller ball gives super easy, no fuss application and is perfect for travel.

A total steal for only $2!

3.NYX Lip Pencil in Rose $3.49


This was a recent purchase for me while I was on the market for a fun, springy, pink lip pencil.

It is a really complimentary shade for me, and I can definitely see this shade working for an array of skin colors, (which may make for a great universal gift option!)

I am quite fair skinned, and this is how I have been rocking this color recently:

2016-03-10 17.09.14

Loving it!

This NYX pencil has given me no trouble so far. I sipped coffee while wearing it and didn’t see much transfer onto the cup. I do think this pencil formula is a smidge on the dry side (This pencil favors a matte finish), without a little chapstick underneath, so a swipe or two of some hydrating lip product will probably keep your lips less pruney more comfortable. I also like a little bit of pale pink gloss over this color for some shine. Super pretty!

4.Wet&Wild Setting Spray $4.99


It holds up your makeup even in the rain, steam, sweat, inevitable meltdowns, zombie apocalypse , and other makeup hazard zones.

I have been wanting to try this since it came out onto the market, and it did not disappoint!

I knew it was going to be good because I drove to two drug stores and both were sold out!


I really enjoyed using this setting spray on one of my most recent cleaning days when I was coming in and out of the rain, accidentally splashing myself with water, was working around steam, and was working up a sweat!  I did have a little dewiness in my T-zone, but other than that, I would say this setting spray works better than almost any high-end type I have ever used. For less than half the price of a department store brand, I would choose this every time. I have heard a couple complaints about some people saying this gave them a few zit flair up’s, but I have not had that experience. If you use it, one good spray on the face in a “Z” formation is all you need. I went a little crazy the first day and spritzed four times before coming to the realization that one spray was plenty.

5.St. Ives Body Wash Oatmeal and Shea Butter $3.97


I have always really enjoyed St. Ives body wash. In fact, I have reviewed their body wash in the past. Here is another review of their Tripple Butters Creamy Coconut formula here if you are interested.  I just have not found very many other body washes that leave me feeling as moisturized as these St. Ives formulas. I LOVE to use this oat and shea scent in the bathtub, It creates pretty good bubbles as It should since I pour half the bottle into the tub and feels wonderfully silky! I also love how it is hypoallergenic, sodium lauryl sulfate-free, and has no parabens. I have been using this since November and am on my third bottle of this particular scent. I had the option to pick up one of the others scents, but I keep being drawn to this scent and formula. Hey, if it works, it works!

So there you have it! A list of 5 truly great beauty products all under $5!


Until we meet again, stay your beautiful self!

♥ Shelby

2016-03-10 17.30.38


DIY Lavender-Rose Laundry Detergent♥

2015-02-18 13.03.36

Good to see you! ♥

A couple of friends have recently been asking for this laundry detergent recipe, and instead of writing it out by hand a few times for those individuals, I realized should have just put it on the blog!

Oh well.

At least it will be on here for anyone else who has a curiosity!

It’s funny, I have been making my own laundry detergent for about two years now! Seems longer because it’s second nature to me now. I’m really grateful I started making my own. It’s really easy once you go through the process once or twice, it also helped me be more self reliant, and its a great money saver!

I haven’t calculated how much exactly I have saved, but I know it is around $300!


I used to buy at least one jug of the Seventh Generation Free and Clear per month (which is great stuff, I’m just on a budget). I know that each month the total for the detergent was about $12.00. So, if you multiply $12.00 by 24 that comes to $288.00! However, I’m sure I have saved over $300, especially because of the months where the detergent went fast, like the spring cleaning time of year when the washer seems to always be running!

I know some people are concerned that something homemade will not clean as effectively as a store bought item, but I assure you, I have never had any problems with the cleanliness of my clothing. It works wonderfully!

Here is my recipe for Lavender-Rose Laundry Detergent

You will need: 

2 One Gallon Jugs (Costco Milk Jugs work very well)

Rose Scented Bar Soap & Lavender Scented Bar Soap


Washing Soda



Rose Essential Oil

 Lavender Essential Oil

1 cup measuring cup

8qt Pot (or larger)



2015-02-11 13.37.24

The soap I use is called Veneiza Soap. I have a store here in Tacoma called Grocery Outlet which carries a bunch of different goods for a discounted price. I got each of the soaps for $1! I also found them at Dollar Tree here.  I have also had good luck with Yardley Soap, which is available in most stores, and here at Dollar Tree. Borax and Washing Soda can be found in the laundry isle in any major grocery store. The box of Washing Soda is around $4.00 and the Borax is around $6. I go through one box of each every 6 months! It lasts a very long time. Score!

Getting Started:

Take the lavender soap and the rose soap and grate 1/4th of each bar into the pot.


*This is an old bar, so I’m just using the rest*

Once you have the soap flakes in the pot, fill one gallon jug full of water and pour into the pot. Turn stove on medium high.

Stir the flakes in the hot water until they are dissolved. Pour one cup of Washing Soda into the water. Stir until combined.

Let water come to a simmer, then, add one cup of Borax. Stir to combine for about 3 minuets, or until the granules have dissolved.

Add a half gallon of water to the pot. Stir for about 5 minuets. You will notice the texture will begin to get thicker, it is beginning to coagulate!

Turn off heat.

While the mixture is cooling a bit, add about three cups of cold water to each of the gallon jugs. I started doing this to keep the plastic from melting the bottom of the jugs. It helps!

Once the detergent has cooled off a bit (about 5-10 minuets), add five drops of each rose essential oil and lavender oil. If you like one scent more than the other, feel free to experiment, but no more than 10 total drops of oil. Stir to combine.

2015-02-18 13.08.43

Place both of the gallon jugs into the sink. Select one jug to start with and place the funnel in the opening. Pour detergent CAREFULLY into the funnel. Fill up jugs 3/4 of the way.

Fill the remainder of the jugs with cold water. This helps the plastic to not soften, and will help the texture of the detergent.

Let the detergent cool. It smells SO GOOD!

Just to warn you, when the detergent cools it is a consistency that resembles gelatin. It is more of a solid than a liquid, so it takes a little getting used to!

Use about 3/4 a cup for a large or extra large load.


Borax Box= $6

Washing Soda Box= $4

Soaps= $2

Essential oils= already owned


For me personally, this $12 will last me about 6 months!

2015-02-18 13.03.36

I hope you give this a try!