What I Hunt For At Goodwill + Haul♥


Happy Almost New Year!


I trust Everyone had a joyous holiday full of sugar family and cocktails friends!

Even though Christmas just ended literally minuets ago, I decided I needed to hunt for more junk, (hello American consumerism!)

All joking aside, I really had not gone thrifting in a while, (a month is a while). I had a few DIY’s mulling around in my head, and I was getting the itch to act on my impulses!

I sometimes get asked by my friends who are not of the hoarding thrifting breed:

“What do you look for? How do you find cool stuff?”

It does take a a little skill and loads of patience to find things while thrifting. You must bring your creative A game and see potential in ugly things that may need some love. However, you must also be able to distinguish what is not for you and what you must stash in your cart immediately. I say go in with an open mind, creativity, and a lot of hand sanitizer, (yeah, things can get messy/dusty).

The top 3 things I personally hunt for when I thrift are:

1.Old Books 

I have a serious love for old, worn books. I use them in my home to add depth and character to spaces.  The pictures above are from my home decor. I collected all of these books from thrifting and various garage sales. I have a lot of weathered books, but the massive, Leonardo Davinci one is my favorite!

2.Milk Glass (Hobnail) 

These pictures were taken from inside my butter yellow kitchen. I have collected all this milk glass from Goodwill and garage sales! I think my most expensive piece was $5.

I am  partial to the hobnail design, but there are a lot of beautiful, milky stemware and vases to be explored at the local Goodwill. Look at these!


3.Antique or Weathered Frames


I just HAD to have this one! Isn’t it beautiful!? Most of the frames inside my home are thrifted, they are mostly weathered wood or faux- antique like this one, it fits perfectly!

Awesome Stuff!

I thought those pink and white floral teacups were just darling, but they were on the “pricey” side at 3.99 each, so I let them go. I was trying to stick to a $25 budget today.

I was dying over that vintage cookbook, look at that detail! I will never find that again, I needed it. For $1.99, it was a huge score!


Dahlia’s eyes plead,”Mom, can we go now?”

Getting home with all my treasures is so fun, I love un-bagging them and rediscovering my treasures all over again!

I think my favorite find was this vintage inspired, botanical stationary set. It is in pristine condition and so, so pretty!

For $3.99, I would have fought someone for it!



I’m a sucker for a pretty .99 scarf!

“Quick, Dahlia! Blink twice if mommy needs this scarf!”

We needed it. No arguments.

I would have taken a better photo of the cream, woven throw rug, but it is not very photogenic and looks pretty “blah” on camera. However, it has a nice home in my laundry room now and for $2.99 I was not about to pass it up! It was in great condition except for a small brown patch which I spot treated and now it’s good as new!

Get ready to see a fun, spring, DIY project I am doing with my Sunflower Basket Tin! I am working on it, and will post the project soon!


Are you inspired to hit up your local thrift store now?

Happy Treasure Hunting!



Maybelline Cat Eyes Colossal Volume Express Mascara Review♥


Hello All!
I thought this mascara would be a winner because of the fabulous commercial and super cute packaging, but alas, those  lying bastards product designers at Maybelline Corporate had me fooled!
This mascara is not awful, but there are much better ones out there.
I personally am a religious follower of the CoverGirl Lash Blast Volume (The one in the fat orange tube in Very Black), but the promise of this description and the metallic leopard print wand, I couldn’t resist cheating on Lash Blast just this once!
First of all, I wasn’t a giant fan of the brush, the bristles are not as close together as the Lash Blast brush that I had become accustomed too. The closer the bristles are the more lashes the brush can coat, at least, that has been my experience for myself and applying makeup on others.


I did like the curved brush because it helped me get the lashes on the ends well coated, but it did not get the middle ones very well, so I had to keep reapplying to make sure the middle section was well covered.
The brush did not coat and separate my eyelashes very well, after applying a third coat my lashes looked similar to prongs on a fork since they were sticking together so much.
During the day it flaked a little bit, but nothing too dramatic.

All in all, It was a good $6 experiment.

I would much rather use another mascara, I ended up just using another wand for the mascara since I did not want to waste it.
On a scale of 1-10 I would give it a 4. It did make my lashes very dark and the actual mascara (when used with another wand!) did lengthen my lashes a fair amount.
On the bright side, I give it an A+ for the packaging!

 What do yo think of  Maybelline Cat Eyes Colossal Volume?