Environmentally Friendly Outdoor Pillows DIY♥


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Ah, Summer! Tis the season for air conditioning BBQ’s, picnics, beach days and  more air conditioning relaxing in the luxurious sunshine! Since I live in the Seattle area, I really do look forward all year to summer. I love making my porch extra inviting so I am more inclined to sit outside and enjoy all that vitamin D!

This pillow idea has been a constant DIY since my very first apartment, and I since I’m sure the summer decorating is starting in your own home, I thought I would share!

I recently re-sparked this idea of mine when I came across this really astounding article from National Geographic about wax worms learning to eat plastic bags! It gave me hope, inspired me, and made me proud that here in Seattle we have decided to nix harmful plastic bags altogether. I myself have been using canvas reusable bags for years, and it is a good feeling knowing those little steps towards being more environmentally conscious make a big impact on our planet in the long run. Even though I try really hard to not use plastic bags, they still somehow creep into my house and land in “that drawer.” Don’t judge me, you have “that drawer,” too!


This DIY is probably the most simple DIY you will ever do, and it is 100% no fail!

All you need are pillow covers and old plastic grocery bags!

Pillow covers are very inexpensive and come in so many cute varieties!

Check out some of these:

Home Sweet Home 

Bohemian Vibes

Floral Print

All you have to do is select your pillow cover of choice and start stuffing away! I stuff the pillow until it is rigid, but still soft enough to be comfortable. For one 18×18 pillow cover, you should need about 30 to 40 plastic bags to fill it to completion. They are so inexpensive that I don’t mind if they fade a little in the sun, or get an occasional shower. The best part is that the insides are plastic, so they will never mold! They look darling on the porch and you will get the satisfaction of knowing that you saved so many plastic bags from never decomposing in the landfill!

Hooray for recycling!


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Practically Free Upcycled Organizers♥

20140126_134743-2Crafting? For free?! In under 30min? When and where do we start!? 
Just grab a cardboard box (or whatever kind you have around the house), some hot glue, leftover fabric, pretty ribbon or embellishments, a large needle or medium nail, and scissors! Together, we will create these cute storage boxes! 
This Sunday morning, while making some delicious blueberry buttermilk pancakes (which you can find here), I noticed that my baking cupboard was a disaster less than organized. I had been planning on organizing it for some time, but with a new job promotion, (shameless self promotion, did you see that?!) I figured today was as good a day as any to get to work! 
Now, first find a medium sized box. Shoe box, Amazon box, anything you want! 
After I cut off the cardboard wings I cut the box down a few inches in height until I found something that would work for me. 
Depending on how big your box is (my “large” one was only 10 inches long), the fabric should be able to cover the four parts of the outside of the box plus the underside. 
Grab your fabric, and you should be able to eyeball how much you will need. For a box that is 10×7 I used a piece of scrap canvas that was no bigger than 2ftx2ft. Plenty left over, but use a little more fabric than you think you’ll need just to be on the safe side. 
Lay the box in the middle of the fabric. With the box’s long side facing you (in my case, the 10 inch side), hot glue the fabric to the front of box, leave and inch of fabric above the lip of the 10″ side and fold it over to the inside of the box. Repeat on other side. Now for the 7″ sides, this is the way I do it, because its easy and I like the way it looks! It’s like wrapping a present. 

20140126_123714Make a triangle with the fabric, and fold it over the lip of the cardboard box. Glue the point of the triangle, and secure it on the inside of the box. It should look like this:
20140126_130312-1The inside part is easy. Cut strips of fabric that fit onto each side of the box and glue them accordingly. So in my case I needed two 6″ strips of fabric and two 10″ strips of fabric that were about 2″ high. The point is to eliminate the unsightly cardboard. Then, cut out a square/rectangle of fabric that will fit perfectly on the inside bottom of the box and place it inside. Glue the corners so it doesn’t slide!
The embellishment part is totally up to you! Get creative! These are going in my pantry and I just wanted to do some cute bows. I poked holes in the box and fabric using a large needle, you can also use a nail.
20140126_131249Thread your ribbon through using the needle and tie your cute bow! Organize your items as you see fit!


Easy, and practically free! Hooray!