♥Quick, Simple & Easy Beauty Tips For New Moms



Hello and welcome!

I was inspired to write this post today, because a few wonderful ladies in my life have approached me recently asking me how I find the time to look pulled together and fresh with a one-and-a-half year old daughter.


*Insert loop track of me laughing for 8 years here*

No, I did NOT, and do not wake up looking great each morning. However, I do have a strict beauty routine I follow every night to ensure that I feel taken care of and thus, can wake up in the morning feeling fresh and confident. If you are new to this page, I should also let you know that I am a licensed Esthetician, so beauty, makeup and skin are kind of my utter obsession jam.


I know that all of us new moms, and women in general, are on totally different wave lengths and skill sets when it comes to beauty and makeup. With that being said, for this post, I will be focusing on very simple beauty steps you can do to ensure a great complexion and confidence boost!

All of these beauty tips and tricks are ways I personally like to perk myself up on a day to day basis, I hope it inspires you to be your best self, however that looks to you!

1. Eye Cream For Late Nights

When my daughter was born I was able to get her on a sleep schedule fairly quickly. With that being said, there were still hundreds of bloody awful a few challenging nights where I would be up every two hours to nurse and sooth her back to sleep. I decided to keep a tube of eye cream next to her crib, as well as my bedside to remind me to layer on a little eye cream every time I had to get up and nurse or sooth her. I swear by this trick, because even though I felt like death  exhausted the next morning, I looked rested.

My favorite eye creams are:

(Luxury) Dermalogica Age Reversal Eye Complex  

(Budget Friendly) Burts Bees Radiance Eye Cream 

Both eye creams are excellent for battling fine lines around the delicate eye area. Dermalogica uses incredible ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid that helps the skin retain water, apricot seed oil, cucumber, and oat to hydrate and sooth, as well as rice grain extract to brighten the eye area.

Burt’s Bees eye cream also includes awesome, high preforming ingredients such as royal jelly, which is packed full of nutrients for the skin to help it appear youthful, sunflower and olive oils to smooth and pamper the skin, lemon peel extract to brighten the eye area, and aloe to hydrate.

If you are on a strict budget, a little dab of coconut oil will also help the delicate eye area look rested and hydrated.

2. Face Masks For Short Household Tasks

I love, love, love face masks.

If you want your skin to do a 180, or have your makeup go on smoother and more evenly, a face mask is where it is at!

As a new-ish mom, I like to put on a face mask when I am doing short tasks around the house such as dishes (yay, steam!), vacuuming or folding a batch of laundry.  Since these tasks take me about 20 min to finish, it is a perfect opportunity to pull double duty. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of face mask recipes on Pinterest, in books, and DIY blogs all over the place. I am after results, so no matter what type of mask you choose, just go after what is natural, and for all skin types. (When in doubt, try to look for something organic!)

My favorite “ready to use” Masks are:

(Super Budget Friendly) Petal Fresh Aloe and Pomegranate Clay Facial Masque

(Average Price) Dermalogica Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque

The Petal Fresh Clay masque is excellent for drawing out impurities and makes the skin so, so soft after use. The mask includes nourishing white clay, pomegranate extract to help your skin fight free radicals and environmental stresses, and Glycolic Acid to help gently exfoliate the skin.

The Dermalogica Masque is a very thick, rich mask that boosts collagen with its complex Peptide ingredients. It also includes ingredients like licorice to brighten the skin, and oat to nourish.

*If you have a few odds and ends to throw together in the kitchen, you can create some awesome masks that are very effective.*

In a small bowl, mix one tablespoon of plain Greek yogurt, with one teaspoon of honey, and a half a teaspoon of lemon juice or orange juice.

Wet face with warm water, and pat with a towel until just slightly damp. With hands or a clean masque brush, spread mixture all over the face and neck.

Leave on for 15 minuets! Then rince with warm water and follow up with a rich moisturizer like ALBA Botanica Even Night Cream .

Effects: The lactic acid in the yogurt will eat away dead skin and brighten the new skin, the honey will hydrate and eliminate bacteria, and the citrus juice will brighten and cleanse.

3. Hand Cream 

Just like the eye cream, I like to use hand cream before bed and really pile it on.

I adore the Trader Joe’s Ultra Hydrating Hand Cream. Shea butter, hemp oil, and coconut oil are heavy hitters of hydration making hands feel smooth and beautiful.

My Trader Joe’s sells it for 4.99 for 3oz.

As nice as it is to use before bed, I also like to use this under my rubber gloves when gardening, doing dishes, cleaning the bath tub, etc. Again, double duty!

Another hand cream that works wonderfully, with ingredients like avocado and macadamia oils, is Lollia Hand Cream.

This product is pricier than the good ‘ol Trader Joe’s, but it is wonderful.

If your hands are in particularly rough shape, lather on hand cream and put on a pair of cotton gloves and leave on while you sleep. You will wake up amazed!

4. Quick Dry Nail Polish

If you have .0 time to sit down and go and get/give yourself a true manicure, but still want your fingers to look beautiful, I recommend Sally Hanssen Quick Dry Nail Polish.

I love the color selection they offer, and during the unpredictable amount time I have when the baby is down for a nap, I know I will have at least 2 minuets.

I also recommend using a good preforming Top Coat to give your polish extra glossy-ness and chip protection. OPI Top Coat is one of my favorites!

5. Fill in Your Eyebrows 

If full face makeup is simply not happening today, take a minute to groom and lightly fill in your eyebrows. Eyebrows help frame your face and add definition!

I really like Wet & Wild Brow Pencil in Taupe Of The Morning. They have a good number of shades, I prefer a Taupe shade since I am very blonde.

6. BB Cream 

Just like filling in your brows, if you have just a little time you can also even out your skin tone and pop on a little BB Cream. I love this Super BB by Physicians Formula.

A BB Cream includes medium coverage foundation and a light moisturizer with an SPF. This BB cream is also hypoallergenic, so it will not irritate your skin.

If you have 5 minuets, (which, you should make time for yourself to at least have 5 minuets), Start by prepping the skin with a moisturizer with SPF, I like Burt’s Bees Radiance Day Cream.

Follow with the BB Cream, use fingers to blend or favorite brush or beauty blender.

Follow with a loose or pressed powder to set foundation, I like Rimmel Stay Matte 

Pop on a little blush for your pretty cheeks Milani Dolce Pink Baked Blush

Fill in brows

Crimp Lashes

Swipe on mascara Covergirl Lash Blast Very Black

…and end with a swipe of oh-so-flattering peachy pink  e.l.f lip gloss!

Simple, very quick and beautiful!

7. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD Remember To Drink Water 

I know, I know, I know.

This is not unknown news and It’s like a broken record.

Honestly, I have to remind myself of this daily.

It is too often that 5:00pm rolls around and I realize I have had only coffee all day. 

I remind myself to drink water by putting alarms on my phone because I am an adult. Yep. It’s that bad.

Jazz up your boring as hell water by adding a sprig of mint and a lemon slice, or a slice of orange. It helps cut the monotony, trust me.

I hope I have given you a new nugget of beauty wisdom!

Remember, you are awesome, you are beautiful, and you’re doing the best you can as a new mom.

Take time for you, there is no shame in taking care of yourself so you can take better care of others!




My Purse Essentials♥

2015-05-23 16.54.12

Hey Y’all!

I’m just sittin’ pretty, waiting for my daughter to come out into the world on June 1st!

I have had a glorious first week off of work, and while preparing for the baby to arrive, I have been assembling my hospital bag(s) for the fast approaching day! I have also been cleaning out my purse to make room for things other than coupons   the beauty items I really NEED to carry around with me, not only for the hospital, but for day to day. Surprisingly, this was actually pretty hard for me, it really forced me to pick and choose what was most important. During this time I also realized HOW MUCH CRAP I HAVE how many items are really weighing me down and are not necessary to lug around every day.

Prime example: The six lip glosses I found in just ONE pocket.


I have a problem.

Other than the obvious contenders, (keys, wallet, and cell phone) Here are a few beauty items I have used in my purse as staples over and over again!

2015-05-23 16.54.12 (1)

(The purse is the Betsey Johnson Bow-Nanza Quilted Heart Handbag in Blush! So girly and FABULOUS!)

1. CoverGirl Lash Blast Mascara 

Unless you live under a rock, you have heard the hype over this blessing that CoverGirl bestowed onto us mere peasants. I never go anywhere without this magical tube of lash perfection. It can be built up for a very dramatic look, or just one swipe for beautiful, defined lashes. The best of the best!

Make it yours!

2. Physicians Formula Pressed Powder (In Buff-Beige) 

Very natural looking, shine free, perfect medium coverage for general touch up’s throughout the day, and SPF 16?!

What is not to love?

Make it yours! 

3. Burt’s Bees Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil 

I am a huge fan of anything Burt’s Bees, and I have used stick after stick of this wonderful product since it’s release!

This lip balm gives a universally flattering subtle raspberry-pink tint to bare lips. It’s nourishing ingredients, (coconut oil, sunflower oil, and pomegranate oil, to name a few) ensure that your lips will be soft and supple all day.

Make it yours!

4. MAC Lipstick in Frost

I am obsessed with this color. It is the perfect pink for any look because it never looks overdone. It has a subtle shimmer to make it a touch glamorous without being over the top. I wear it almost everyday at one point or another!

2015-05-23 18.24.41

(I had a hard time finding this online…uh oh! I got mine at Nordstrom)

5. Bath and Body Works Pocket-Bac in Meyer Lemon 

Obviously, having a germ fighter is essential! From public restrooms to shopping cart handles, it’s a must have! These come in every scent under the sun, I am partial to Lemon scents!

Make it yours! 

6. Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Body Spray 

I love this floral scent from Victoria’s Secret!

Does that make me super basic? 


I actually use this more as a “room spray” than a body spray most of the time.

Just think, mall/grocery store restroom, and you’ll understand where I am going with that…body spray is a good thing to have just in case you should run into any unpleasant odors.

Make it yours! 

7. Joico K-PAK Protect and Shine Hair Serum 

Fantastic frizz buster and shine booster thanks to the macadamia and evening primrose oils that are used in this lifesaver of a product! I have had this bottle for TWO YEARS and I still have more than a fourth of the bottle left. A little goes a very long way.

Make it yours! 

8. Dove Clear Tone Deodorant

One of the best deodorants I have ever used! I’m not sure what makes this particular Dove deodorant so much different from the others, all I know is that it WORKS! I never have to worry about having damp underarms with this product. It also has a very subtle scent that isn’t going to clash with perfume or scented body lotion.

Make it yours!

There you have it! I would love to know if you have a purse staple you would be lost without!

Wish me luck in the next few days! Praying for a safe and quick delivery for this mama and her new, sweet baby girl!




The Best For Less! Outstanding Beauty Products $10 and Under♥


Hello, darling!

I hope everyone is enjoying the last of the summer months, I know I’m ready for fall and to lay low for a little while! Between buying a house, having my big birthday celebration, and being the florist for three Weddings in the past month, it has been crazy! Crazy fun, but still crazy!

I thought this would be a good time to share some of my beauty favorites of this past summer, not only are these five products downright AWESOME, but they held up in the heat and kept me looking fresh and put together.

Another bonus, they are all under $10!


The list begins!

1. Earth Therapeutics Loofah Exfoliating Scrub Oatmeal & Honey

Fred Myers $7.99

I love this product so much! I picked it up at first because it smells divine. I love anything honey scented so it went into the shopping basket without any hesitation whatsoever. Once in use, I noticed how beautifully it worked and how the smell intensifies when bathing. A rich soothing oatmeal honey goodness. YUM!  I was particularly impressed with how smooth and silky my skin felt after the scrub down. This scrub is less abrasive then my homemade sugar scrubs yet worked just as well! I was very impressed with how it made my self tanner work even better than ever. My color was even, smooth and after the first application it appeared very deep and golden brown. Normally it takes me two or three applications to get the desired color, but this product made it happen in the first layer! The pumice and loofah are excellent exfoliants while the honey, aloe, jojoba and oat extract are soothing and hydrating. Definitely my new favorite find! Pick this one up as soon as you can!

(If you don’t have a Fred Myers where you reside, you can find it here on Amazon)

2. Palmers Coconut Oil Formula Replenishing Hair Milk 

Walgreens $5.29

Rejoice all you broken haired beauties! Palmers is here!

Ladies, this hair product is a god send for broken ends. I swear to you my hair was transformed after one week of using this product. I especially recommend it to the curly hair types for extra hydration. My hair is wavy and on the dryer side, so I use about a nickle size from my ear lobes down to my split ends. If you have fine hair, concentrate this only on the last inch of your hair to nourish the ends since the product is on the heavier side. Another great option would be to use a tablespoon or so in a travel spray bottle and mix it with water. I tried this and it worked well, but I wanted more of the concentrated product.  Works wonders as a leave in conditioner!

3. Wet and Wild Eyeshadow Glitter Singles (Color: Brass)

Walgreens $0.99

It’s glitter, it’s cheap, it’s beautiful, oh, did I mention it’s GLITTER?!

Wet and Wild is one sneaky brand! I never know what they will come out with next!

This is a gel eyeshadow. It has a beautiful pigment and staying power. I personally use it on top of my black liquid eyeliner to give it an extra pop. Apply it with an eyeliner or angle brush to give your eyes a subtle sparkle. There were many other colors such as silver, pink and purple! Since gold is my favorite color, I jumped on it!

Here is a close up and sample of the look I often use with it over the eyeliner:


4. Revlon Lip Butter (Color: Strawberry Shortcake) 

$5.99 Target

The word “butter” is perfect for this product because it is so beyond smooth and creamy on the lips. I was very happily surprised when I tried this for the first time. It was very pleasant on the lips, not fussy, sticky, or tight. Some lipsticks have that “tight,” feeling that I hate, do you know what I mean? The feeling that when you smile it feels like you cant smile all the way because your lips feel stiff?

Anyone? (Crickets heard in the distance)…

Okay, well, I hate that feeling and this product did nothing of the sort.  Actually, it felt like a very pigmented, luxury chapstick, and I mean that as a high compliment! The color is a beautiful, natural pink tone with just enough pigment. It is perfect for any occasion, it will be a purse staple forever!

Now finally, the creme de la creme.

Drum roll please:

5. Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation (Color: Light Ivory) 

$5.49 Target

How does one describe the most wonderful beauty product to ever be created?

For me, the second I used this product I was in awe. It was the equivalent of a 13 year old girl getting to meet One Direction.

I couldn’t stop hyperventilating and crying tears of joy.

Also, I wanted to kiss it a little.  




It is like an airbrush finish from Jesus. It makes your skin more luminous than the pearly gates.

Since I am a licensed esthetician, I have tried millions a lot of products, and this surpassed all expectations.

My skin was smooth, radiant, fresh and it could breathe. This is a weightless, medium coverage foundation that is absolutely stunning on the skin.

(I am wearing it in the same picture as the eyeliner sample above).

There are 6 tones to choose from, mixing them to get the best skin tone for you would be very easy, and at $5.49, why not buy two?!

I hope you pick up one hundred of these on your next shopping trip!  You will not regret it!

See you next time doll face.


New Jergens Unscented Self Tanning Lotion Review & Sunless Tanning Tutorial♥


Before I start, I have to apologize for no before and after pictures! I totally forgot to take a before and would have nothing to compare with the after! So, you will have to use your imagination.
I have been using Jergens Self Tanning system for a while, I would say about 7ish years. Through the beauty blunders that come with self tanning, through trail and MANY errors, I have now conquered the system and will share with you how to get a great glow just in time for summer!
I actually never really minded the Jergens tanning scent before, but when they took it out I was grateful because heaps of fragrance is not good for your skin, especially your delicate face. I have not noticed a change in the firmness or reduction of cellulite in my skin one bit since using this. Maybe it takes a few bottles to see a difference, but I’m pretty convinced that its just a boldface lie marketing ploy.
Anyway, the color of the tan itself is great! Make sure you buy the Medium-Tan bottle. The Fair-Medium has a more golden orange tint to it rather than golden brown. At least that has been my unfortunate experience!
Alrighty! Now let me help you achieve a great, flawless, safe tan!

First, take about a 1/2 cup of sugar and three tablespoons of olive or coconut oil. Mix together. You can add essential oils if you want. I like adding blood orange or lemon!
Take a hot shower and scrub the sugar mixture all over your body pay a little extra attention to the knees, elbows, and any other rough areas. This is exfoliating the dead skin cells off the body so you will be glowing and soft!
Rinse off the sugar and then dry off thoroughly. Now, before you use the tanning lotion, use a light, fast absorbing lotion. I use Petal Fresh Botanicals in Fresh Lilac. Then for the rougher parts, use a more dense lotion like Victoria’s Secret Body Cream ( I looooovvveee Delicate Petals). Okay now that your body is exfoliated and hydrated, put on some disposable plastic gloves. This will ensure your palms are not unusually dark. Take the self tanner and start down at your feet/legs and work your way up. This way there will be no creases by bending down. Okay so far so good? Once you’re done with 95% of your body, take off the gloves and wash your hands, (they get sweaty). Lotion your hands once more with the light lotion. Then take a PEA SIZE of self tanner and put on back of your hands. Rub the BACK of your hands together, don’t forget to coat the web between your finger and thumb or in between your fingers. The hands are strangely the hardest part of this whole tanning process, sometimes they can get too dark and it looks like your left your hand in the Dorito bag too long, or you get hardly any on your hands and you look like you have Mickey Mouse white gloves on! Not cute! The pea sized about is just right though, and you will find what works for you as you embark on this sunless tanning adventure.

There you go! You’re done! Try not to get water on yourself  for 8 hours. If you can, do this at night since your body warms up at night it will help the tan penetrate your pores. There is also no chance of getting water on you when you’re tucked away in bed! Unless you’re into that kind of stuff…no judgement.

Happy Safe Tanning!