DIY Autumn Cinnamon-Vanilla Soy Candle♥


Autumn is here in the Pacific North West!


The leaves are falling (and I should be raking them), The pumpkins are ready for carving (but I am lazy)…

…and every single edible thing on earth is injected with pumpkin and cinnamon.


I saw Pumpkin Spice Hummus earlier this week, people.

Seriously, we have to stop this madness.


This candle although not edible, it will certainly get you in the mood to embrace the new season!


You will need:

Empty glass vessel (14oz) (I used an old B&BW Candle)

3 Cups Soy Flakes

Glass Measuring Cup

3 Cotton Wicks

Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil

Vanilla Essential Oil


Hot Glue Gun+ Glue



Embellishments of choice  

Start by cleaning your glass vessel thoroughly and then set aside.

Measure out 3 cups of your wax flakes and either set over double boiler to melt or put in microwave for 6 minuets, (or until completely melted).

It will condense down considerably to almost half the volume it was before it was melted. Once poured in jar, it will leave 1 inch of head space.

While wax is melting, take your glass vessel and start hot gluing the wicks to the bottom of the jar. I find it helps to have a pencil with an eraser on hand to push the wicks securely into the glass.


Once the wax is melted, slowly pour it into the center of the glass vessel.

Add 10 drops of each essential oil, and stir gently with toothpick to disperse the oils.


Once this is done, put your vessel onto a plate and either place it in the fridge (if you want it to set quicker), or an undisturbed, cool part of the house.

I put mine in the fridge, and after about an hour it was 75% of the way set. Once it is at this stage, it is time to adorn the top with little sprinkles of cinnamon!

You must wait to do this step when the candle is almost solid, but still slightly a liquid near the top to keep the cinnamon from sinking to the bottom.


I also had a bag of cinnamon sticks on hand, so I used a couple pieces of the bark slivers to add some extra texture.

Let the wax set completely, then cut the wicks down to 1/2 and inch tall.

There you have it! Burn this lovely candle at your leisure this Autumn or to give as a sweet gift to a loved one!

 Happy Autumn!



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