DIY Vintage Farmhouse Wood Sign♥


2015-06-26 14.16.27

I just love free crafts, don’t you?!


This craft is so easy, it took me maybe an hour all together, (not including the billion times it took to console and feed my sweet, infant daughter!)

You Will Need: 

A scrap piece of wood (the more beat up the better!)



Small Paint Brush

A Word or Phrase

Stencil (Or the computer trace method I use)



Found this scrap piece of wood behind my shed, I just loved how beat up it was! You can see in the close up, its just so naturally aged, worn and mossy.


 I dusted it off with a rag until the yuckier debris fell off and I was left with a beautiful patina!

I decided I wanted to make a Vintage “farm stand” inspired sign. Since lemons are one of my favorite things in the world, I chose that word accompanied by a ten cent price. So cute!

Now, I don’t have a printer, so my way of making a stencil is a little ghetto unique.

I open a new Word.doc and choose a font. Then, I take a plain piece of paper and place it on the monitor. After that, I just lightly trace the letter with a pencil.


Hey, a girl has to do what she has to!  It works for me!

Of course, just print out the silly letters if you have a printer!


I cut out the letters and place them to my liking onto the plank.

Next, simply trace with a sharpie. This is the part that takes the longest, so turn on some music if you haven’t already and focus!


(Sorry, it’s kind of hard to see since the plank is so dark.)

After you are finished with that step, brush on some paint inside the letter. I used sort of a blotting and wiping technique to give the paint an inconsistent, worn look. Using a older, stiffer brush worked well for me! I used Valspar satin paint in Feathered Fern to fill in the words, just had it laying around!




2015-06-26 14.16.27

2015-06-26 14.10.11-1-1

Pretty awesome for a free project! I am really happy with how it came out! I think it goes well next to my big, chippy, white window!

I have to hunt for more of these wood pieces, maybe there are more hiding around the shed!?

Till next time!



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