DIY Lavender-Rose Laundry Detergent♥

2015-02-18 13.03.36

Good to see you! ♥

A couple of friends have recently been asking for this laundry detergent recipe, and instead of writing it out by hand a few times for those individuals, I realized should have just put it on the blog!

Oh well.

At least it will be on here for anyone else who has a curiosity!

It’s funny, I have been making my own laundry detergent for about two years now! Seems longer because it’s second nature to me now. I’m really grateful I started making my own. It’s really easy once you go through the process once or twice, it also helped me be more self reliant, and its a great money saver!

I haven’t calculated how much exactly I have saved, but I know it is around $300!


I used to buy at least one jug of the Seventh Generation Free and Clear per month (which is great stuff, I’m just on a budget). I know that each month the total for the detergent was about $12.00. So, if you multiply $12.00 by 24 that comes to $288.00! However, I’m sure I have saved over $300, especially because of the months where the detergent went fast, like the spring cleaning time of year when the washer seems to always be running!

I know some people are concerned that something homemade will not clean as effectively as a store bought item, but I assure you, I have never had any problems with the cleanliness of my clothing. It works wonderfully!

Here is my recipe for Lavender-Rose Laundry Detergent

You will need: 

2 One Gallon Jugs (Costco Milk Jugs work very well)

Rose Scented Bar Soap & Lavender Scented Bar Soap


Washing Soda



Rose Essential Oil

 Lavender Essential Oil

1 cup measuring cup

8qt Pot (or larger)



2015-02-11 13.37.24

The soap I use is called Veneiza Soap. I have a store here in Tacoma called Grocery Outlet which carries a bunch of different goods for a discounted price. I got each of the soaps for $1! I also found them at Dollar Tree here.  I have also had good luck with Yardley Soap, which is available in most stores, and here at Dollar Tree. Borax and Washing Soda can be found in the laundry isle in any major grocery store. The box of Washing Soda is around $4.00 and the Borax is around $6. I go through one box of each every 6 months! It lasts a very long time. Score!

Getting Started:

Take the lavender soap and the rose soap and grate 1/4th of each bar into the pot.


*This is an old bar, so I’m just using the rest*

Once you have the soap flakes in the pot, fill one gallon jug full of water and pour into the pot. Turn stove on medium high.

Stir the flakes in the hot water until they are dissolved. Pour one cup of Washing Soda into the water. Stir until combined.

Let water come to a simmer, then, add one cup of Borax. Stir to combine for about 3 minuets, or until the granules have dissolved.

Add a half gallon of water to the pot. Stir for about 5 minuets. You will notice the texture will begin to get thicker, it is beginning to coagulate!

Turn off heat.

While the mixture is cooling a bit, add about three cups of cold water to each of the gallon jugs. I started doing this to keep the plastic from melting the bottom of the jugs. It helps!

Once the detergent has cooled off a bit (about 5-10 minuets), add five drops of each rose essential oil and lavender oil. If you like one scent more than the other, feel free to experiment, but no more than 10 total drops of oil. Stir to combine.

2015-02-18 13.08.43

Place both of the gallon jugs into the sink. Select one jug to start with and place the funnel in the opening. Pour detergent CAREFULLY into the funnel. Fill up jugs 3/4 of the way.

Fill the remainder of the jugs with cold water. This helps the plastic to not soften, and will help the texture of the detergent.

Let the detergent cool. It smells SO GOOD!

Just to warn you, when the detergent cools it is a consistency that resembles gelatin. It is more of a solid than a liquid, so it takes a little getting used to!

Use about 3/4 a cup for a large or extra large load.


Borax Box= $6

Washing Soda Box= $4

Soaps= $2

Essential oils= already owned


For me personally, this $12 will last me about 6 months!

2015-02-18 13.03.36

I hope you give this a try!




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