DIY Chalkboard Multi-Use Wall Organizer♥

2014-03-10 16.16.35

Who needs more organization?!

mean girls hand raise

I know I do! Between work, husbands, dogs, church, friends, parties and looking for a house to purchase for the first time, I could use some more structure!

This project has been on hold for a while, I stopped and left it alone for a month or so, and then I remembered where I stashed it away in the back of my disaster messy art closet!
We had some wood left over from my husband’s desk project, and since I hate waste, I started hoarding the potentially useful wood sheets before he tossed them. The sheet I used was a 2ft by 1ft and 1/4 inch thick, (maybe even a little thinner). I started by taping off the section I wanted to make the chalkboard. I used the Martha Stewart Chalkboard paint, but use whatever you have on hand!
I painted three coats of chalkboard on the top half of the board.

20140120_191053What you end up with will depend on how much chalkboard you want, I did a little less than half the board.
Next, select the fabric you want to use! I received a few yards of this AWESOME burlap from an AMAZING best friend of mine on Christmas!
20140310_135109 (1)

Does she know me or what!? I couldn’t wait to use it!
Start by cutting out your fabric to fit the front side. The fabric just needs to cover up the wood that is still exposed, plus a little extra for the fabric to be folded over to the back.  Hot glue the fabric onto the wood. I only hot glued the corners and sides, not the middle. I also ironed my fabric before this step, but that’s up to you!
Now for the pocket! This was a stroke of genius  luck! I found this used spool that used to hold ribbon and thought, “Hey, I bet I could turn that sucker into the skeleton of my pocket!” I was right! Cut the spool in half so you have a half moon, (also get rid of the top and the bottom).
20140310_141832Once it is in half, cover it in a strip of fabric. Then, find a spare piece of card board to cut into another half moon. This will be the bottom of the pocket, so your pens/chalk don’t fall out! Cover this in fabric as well.
20140310_144027Attach with hot glue onto the bottom of the pocket and secure onto the board. I used some upholstery nail heads on my organizer as well, just for some extra sparkle!
2014-03-10 16.52.49
This next part I forgot to capture with my camera… because I got carried away! I decided instead of a cork board, which was my original idea, I would make a ribbon bulletin board.
I started by cutting out a cardboard square and gluing the fabric onto it. I selected ivory ribbon to create my grid and went to town! It’s important to grid first without gluing. Once you like the spacing, go ahead and glue the back of the ribbon either side. Start in the middle by laying your ribbon in the center and fold over the ribbon to the back of the square on either side, then glue. Make sure the ribbon is taut. Repeat one side then continue to the opposite side to create the grid. I used upholstery nails again on the ribbons each time they overlapped.
I decided to put matching fabric on the back of my organizer, but I’m sure your imagination would be able to figure out what that looks like, plus, it would make a boring picture! I used the same ribbon to make the organizer hang up on the wall. I used a flat thumb tack to secure each ribbon in place and then tied a bow! Voila!
2014-03-10 16.16.35Write a cute message, and hand wherever you choose! I am moving in a few months, so I have not decided where to hang it, or if I should even bother since it will be going in a moving truck shortly! I’m so excited to buy my first home!
See Y’all Soon!


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