Simple Hand Embroidered and Stenciled Tea Towels♥

Hello, all you beautiful people! IMAG1263

Have you been going crazy trying to decide what to give holiday party hosts this year!?


Well, there is that I guess! Maybe we can try something a little more unexpected?
This time of year is so wonderful, but it’s hard to not feel the pressures of finding the perfect gift for each and every person in your life. I really miss the popularity of the hostess gift, it seems that it is not an expected courtesy in today’s society, which I don’t approve of. It is always a wonderful idea to bring something thoughtful to the party host to ensure that they are rewarded for their hard work and preparations. With that being said, I am going to show you how to make a simple embroidered and stenciled tea towel so you can bring a little something to show your appreciation.

Alright, let’s get started!

This is a very basic project. All it takes is knowing how to do a basic stitch and some stenciling abilities. Start by picking out your pre-made tea towels. I chose these, because they were good quality and 100% cotton. You can buy flour sack towels at Walmart and Target.  The price point should be $3-$5 for 4-5 towel pack.
IMAG1258-1Grab a bowl that will fill up one of the corners of the towel nicely. Mine was a small to medium size, but choose whatever you would like! Lightly trace the shape of the bowl onto the towel using a pencil or pen.
IMAG1259-1Once that is complete, pick out what color of thread you think the host will like. If you remember their kitchen colors, that is a great way to choose!  If this is your first time meeting the person, or attending their home, you can never go wrong with black and white! Sew a basic stitch all around the circle you traced, try to make all the stitches uniform.
IMAG1260Next, find a stencil that you would like to put on the towel. I chose a monogram, because I love monogrammed things! I find them very elegant and personal.
IMAG1261-1I chose the Martha Stewart calligraphy letter stencil and her multi purpose paint in the “Sea Glass” color. Tape the stencil on the towel so it is secure in the placement you want and “pounce” with your brush to create the stencil.
IMAG1262-1Doesn’t that look wonderfully elegant?
IMAG1263The possibilities are endless with these, they can be as simple or as ornate and detailed as you like! Wonderful hostess gift! Give them as they are, or pair them with a jar of homemade jam or a beautiful bottle of organic vanilla.

Happy Hosting!



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