Wing-back Chair Makeover & Slipcover DIY♥

I think I might be becoming a hoarder collector of wing back chairs. I already have two that I have adopted and made over! This will be my third wing-back chair makeover!
I get so sad when I see a wing-back chair on the side of the road, its like a lost puppy to me. I cant just leave it out to fend for itself! It needs a home! I must take it in! This chair was in good condition, other than the fabric, It was sturdy, good foam, didn’t smell and it was free! I called my husband in a frenzy when I found this one, It didn’t fit in my car so I recruited him to pick it up for me!
*Cue Dylan’s eye roll here*

Do we need another chair? Probably not. Was I going to let that stop me? NOPE! Hey, in a year we are buying a house and it will be nice to have more furniture to fill it!
So here it is! The fabric was spotty and had some questionable stains on it, but altogether was in good shape and it was comfy when I sat on it.  I checked for critters, (bed bugs, spiders, other gross insects) and it was clean so I was one happy lady.
I looked at the chair all over and decided that I needed to strip all the fabric off the frame, (there was a skirt on the chair too, but I was impatient and ripped that off immediately before taking a picture). The chair was very well made so that took some time and sweat to get the yucky fabric off! I stripped it down to the stuffing and sprayed the whole chair with an essential oil/ water solution. I chose a peppermint solution to give it a new, fresh smell.
I wanted to make a slipcover for it since now it had no fabric, and I thought it would be easier than reupholstering the whole thing.
I went out and bought one 5ftx9ft canvas drop cloth at Home Depot for $15. I like canvas because it is durable, and I wanted a soft white or tan color. Oh, and its very inexpensive!
*Important* Before I started, I washed my fabric so If the slipcover ever needed to be washed it wouldn’t shrink and become too tight.
This tutorial by Miss Mustard Seed was SO HELPFUL (Videos 2a-5)
I was so thankful I found it before I got started. Since this was my first ever slipcover, I wanted to be fully prepared! I read and watched a lot of tutorials to see which one I could follow the closest.
I followed her directions very closely except for the piping, I didn’t want to overwhelm myself too much just yet, so I opted out for that detail. Also, after I was done pinning my fabric and shaping it to the chair, I hand stitched where the pins were before I started to sew it on the sewing machine.
Yes, this was tedious. Yes, it took a couple hours. However, it made it so much easier for me to see what I needed to sew on the machine! If my pins fell out, or the cursed bobbin ran out, I would have been lost and I would have had to pin the section all over again!  So, the tedious, safe rout was good for me! Now the fabric stitching is also reinforced, so there!  This is how it looked after I hand stitched the cover:
Great start! Sorry the picture is dark, but I took over my husbands office at 11:00pm so It was night time! I resumed the day after next and was pumped! I know I’m excited about a project when I responsibly speed race home after work to start up again! I began to machine stitch and edit areas that needed some help. Along the way, I decided to add a short skirt and actually attach it to the chair itself. I was pretty happy with the outcome!
I purchased this awesome coffee bean sack ($2) at Second Use in Seattle a while back, and I knew that it would be a great cushion slip cover for my foam!
It has more words on the other side, but I liked the back/edited version for now. When I’m feeling bolder in my style I can always flip it over and enjoy the other side!
Next, the back needed some cute bows for the closure! It’s important to have a slit in the back so you can take the slipcover off easier for washing. You can use a zipper, velcro, buttons, or whatever but I chose ribbon ties because I’m fabulous a girly girl!
This was my last step! I’m very pleased with the outcome! For my very first slipcover, I think it came out great! Now I have more seating for company, and a beautiful chair to look at! A wonderful addition to my *ahem* growing collection.
Penny seems to like it a whole lot as well. 🙂


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