DIY Bird’s Nest Decor♥

I really love decorating with natural things that are found in nature.
Flowers, shells, driftwood, and birds nests all have a place in my home, because they make me feel at ease.
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Here is the gorgeous antique bird cage I bought while I was on my Lake Tahoe trip.
I love every thing about it. The chippy white paint and the old rusted wire just sing a little song to me every time I walk by. It needed a little something to occupy the insides, so I went out and got nest supplies!

Let’s try our hand at nest making, how hard could it be?

Natural Shredded Aspen Wood Fibers ( I bought dark brown)
Fake Bird Eggs 
Small Sticks (skinny branches)
Leaves, vines, flowers, etc (real or fake) 

First, I made a medium sized ball out of the wood fibers, then I placed it on the table and put both left and right fingers in the center of the ball and pulled them opposite direction of one another to create a bowl. Oh, and by the way, don’t play with it too much, just let it be a little unkempt, it looks more natural that way. Once you have a good shape, add your sticks. I had longer sticks so I wrapped my sticks around the base of the nest and weaved through the top.
I took some leafy vines from my backyard hanging basket and weaved it around the nest as well. I think the will age nicely, and If they look gross later I will switch to fake but I wanted to experiment. I bought the greenish-blue eggs from Joanne Fabric’s. I had a big backyard growing up with a huge tree and I always found Robbin’s eggs in the springtime, so that was a personal touch of mine.


Here it is! A lovely little nest!


Now it has a home!
Happy Decorating!



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