St Ives Creamy Coconut Triple Butters Body Wash Review♥


Sorry for the fact that I have been MIA the last few days, I have been enjoying my four day vacation here in the beautiful Seaside Oregon! Beautiful beaches, adorable antique stores, yummy candy shops, and best of all, the AMAZING jacuzzi tub I have here in the hotel! Luxury at its finest.  I wanted something super hydrating for the bath tub so I could have a great soak with mounds of frothy bubbles. I have been using Bath & Body Works body washes for years, but wanted to be adventurous and branch out to see what else was out there. Its a big, big world and there are plenty of body washes to choose from! Thanks to Target, I stumbled upon this body wash for about $4. I’m obsessed with coconut, so it was prefect. What really drew me to this one in particular was the quality ingredients (shea, cocoa, and jojoba butter), and it was also hypoallergenic and had no parabens. The consistency is really thick yet silky and wonderful. I found it made shaving less annoying since the razor glided easily and it made my legs  too sexy for Milan, too sexy for New York and Japan really smooth and soft. It smells like a sweet, fresh coconut with just a hint of orchid.  Even before I put on lotion, my skin felt really hydrated and moisturized as much, or even more than when I used B&BW body wash. For about the cost of a Grande at Starbucks, I was really happy with this product! Very economical and it WORKS. Sometimes it can be a little intimidating going out on a limb and buying something new, even if it’s cheaper, because if it doesn’t work you’re stuck with a horrible bottle of Maybelline cat eyes mascara crappy product and you just wasted money! However, I really enjoyed this product and will keep a bottle in my shower from now on for when I really need/want to be transported to a heavenly beach where a barely clothed Taylor Lautner serves me a Pina Colada under a palm tree a tropical paradise. Which is…everyday!

I give it 5 big, glittery stars!  Inexpensive, and you can depend on it to give you lovely, moisturized skin.



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