DIY Up Cycled Tin Can Flower Starter Pot♥


What is more lovely than fresh flowers?
They can instantly lift me out of a bad mood and add a happy touch to any home.

I was at Trader Joe’s today and found these beauties for only $1.99! I was so excited I bought two!  I found a  spot that miraculously gets some Washington sun in my dining room that I thought would work.
I had some cans I had saved in the art room of my apartment, I decided that since the roses were just starting out, the size of the can would be perfect.

I love the World Market Lemon Rolled Wafers. They are my crack delicious beyond any wonderful, lemony, creamy description I could conjure up.
If you haven’t tried them you have not lived can go here to get them online or find a store near you!
Now lets get to the project!
You will need:
a) one medium sized can
b) brown paper
c) scissors
d) hot glue
e) regular school glue
f) rope (jute or sea grass)
g) strip of burlap (three inches thick) (that’s what she said)
h) flowers

*Optional* If you want you can poke a few holes in the bottom of the can with a hammer and nail so the plant can drain.


Start by cutting the brown paper to size. It needs to go all the way around the can once. I did this because I do not want the yellow to peek through the layers of the rope. I thought of spray painting it, but this was faster and you’re not going to see the spray paint anyway.

Once you have the right size go ahead and glue it on, you can use the hot glue if you want, but I used the school glue for this step.

Then take your rope and place the end of the rope at the bottom of the can just at the silver rim. Glue on with hot glue.



Continue to go around and around the can gluing once every couple of times around, or as many times as you see fit. Make sure you are making the rope tight against the other row under it so you don’t see the paper underneath. Once you are a bit less than half way, take your burlap strip and make sure it goes all the way around the middle of the can and then hot glue it on the can.


Go to the burlap edge, and proceed gluing the rope upwards towards the top rim of the can. Once you have covered about a half an inch of the burlap with the rope on the bottom portion, cut the rope from the spool and glue the remaining rope onto the can. Then start at the top of the burlap strip and work your way to the top rim of the can.
It should look like this once you’re done:

Now, get your wee little plant and gingerly take it out of the plastic container it came in. Carefully scrunch the bottom a bit so the roots can break free of the mold, and put a scoop of soil in the bottom of your new starter pot. Place plant inside the pot. If you want, you can also put a pinch of sugar in the soil before the plant goes in, this will give the plant some food and make it perky. Put another scoop of soil in the pot, ( just enough so that the plant stem is poking out).
…and there you go! You didn’t put a can in a landfill and now you have a cute new flower starter pot!
What will you plant?



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